In order for us to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, Versatile Creative Plastic Sdn Bhd constantly stays updated with the latest technology available in the market. Investment in machinery is our main priority as we always believe that quality products are produced by quality machines. Today, Versatile Creative Plastic Sdn Bhd has over 25 different machines used in the Injection Moulding, In Mould Labelling and Thermoforming processes.

Plastic Injection Moulding

With 21 injection moulding machines mainly from Europe and Japan, and with local and imported precision moulds, Versatile Creative Plastic Sdn Bhd is able to customize and produce quality plastic products such as hot serving food bowls, yogurt tubs and lids, ice cream containers and other plastic food containers. Ultimately, it is our equipment and technology that enable us to provide consistent, high quality products time and time again.

Injection Moulding is one of the most common methods for mass producing plastic packaging because:

Fast Production

Plastic Injection Moulding allows large amounts of plastic packaging to be produced over a short period of time. While the speed depends on the complexity of the mould itself, with thin walled, plastic food packaging, cycle times of below 6 seconds are quite common. Time is particularly important in today’s highly competitive business environment. The faster the cycle time, the cheaper the product is to manufacture, and the faster we are able to fulfil the client’s requirements.

Super Flexible in Design

These days, trends change rapidly, consumers drive market trends to change so fast that branded packaging are unable to keep up. Plastic injection moulding offers our customers the flexibility to change the type of material and the colour of their products on short notice. This provides them an advantage over their competition.

Outstanding Accuracy and Consistency

Plastic injection moulding offers customers accuracy and consistency from part to part. Each piece is similar in dimensions, weight and aesthetics.


Thermoforming allows for the production of small or large-sized cups made from PS material, where even thinner wall thicknesses are required. Thermoforming cups can be shrink sleeved with customer’s designs after forming. This is a good option for those products with different flavours and artwork, but with the same basic shape. Thermoforming is the right choice for those products with very high volumes and where cost saving is important. The thinner the wall thickness, the less material is used, and the cost of manufacturing is lessened.

Clean Room

As Fairpoint Plastic’s core business is food contact product, hygiene is of utmost importance. We are well aware of the importance of our role in our customers’ supply chain.

Our clean room facility reduces contamination risk by providing a controlled environment that has a low level of pollutants such as dust, microbes, and chemical vapours. It is compulsory for all employee to wear the Personal Protective Equipment before entering the production environment to reduce contamination risks. Each and every employee is well trained strictly follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) procedures, and HACCP guidelines. In addition, our food safety management system is compliant with ISO 22000:2005

Quality Control

“Quality begins with the intent, which is fixed by management.”
Dr.W.Edwards Deming

We are proud to hold the ISO9001:2008 accreditations to prove that our quality management system is compatible with our customers’ requirement. Our Quality control team work around the clock to ensure that our products go beyond customers’ expectation, and ensuring that we constantly deliver error-free, quality products. We truly believe that every single product we manufacture, pack and deliver must meet the highest quality standards and exceed customers’ expectations. With more than 30 years of experience in this field, we believe we are able to delivery on this promise.


Should there be a need, Versatile Creative Plastic Sdn Bhd also provides customers with secondary processing to fit their requirements. We provide our clients with such services as repacking, labelling, assembly and many more. Let our experienced and professional team deal with your requirements.